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APSCO's IR35/Off-Payroll: Post-implementation Review

on Thu, 29/04/2021 – 15:16
apsco webinar

Today our group sales director Dan Haslam joined Simon Bloch (JMW), Lee Knowles (Adepto Technical Recruitment), Simon Higgins (Manpower) for an APSCo webinar hosted by Tania Bowers, to discuss any findings since the implantation of off-payroll working this April.

A big thank you to APSCo for having us today, it’s always great for us to hear what challenges recruitment companies are facing so we can provide the right support and solutions.

The following key themes were taken from today’s session;

  • How companies have reacted to the legislation since it’s launch date in April
  • AWR is a hot topic with questions around holiday and how to respond to certain client requirements
  • IR35 fee payer – why would recruiters use this solution?
  • Tax investigation insurance – what are recruiters view on when or if a contractor should take it?
  • Understanding the employers deductions when employed via an umbrella company. When should the rate be lifted and who’s responsible for footing the bill?
  • How do contractors ensure they choose a compliant umbrella company?

If you are still preparing for IR35 and need support or a review of your current workforce, please email, we’d love to help! We are also going to host a few webinars in the coming months that will discuss the above topics in more detail so watch this space.