giant umbrella for education people

You're special(ist)

An umbrella company gives you the joys of being self-employed, with the benefits of permanent employment. It’s freedom – with security! But not all umbrellas are the same. Year after year, UK contractors independently vote giant the best umbrella.

giant umbrella for education people

For lecturers, teaching assistants, supply teachers and education workers of all kinds, being self-employed (or operating a limited company) is not an option. But a good umbrella company offers you that sort of independence, flexibility and excellent take-home pay – as well as the employment rights of permanent staffers. With an umbrella company, sporadic single days and overlapping multiple contracts are easy-peasy, even if they’re short notice. We provide one employment structure that handles all your assignments. You can tick the legal boxes too.

But not all umbrella companies are the same.

Why you’ll love giant umbrella:

  • you get access to free safeguarding resources within our employment package
  • you’ll have access to specialist teaching industry subscriptions and networking events
  • you may be eligible to claim approved business expenses such as travel, subsistence, union subscriptions, classroom supplies – and training courses from safeguarding to technology
  • plus all the other health-giving joys of giant umbrella here

take home: how much?

  • £750
  • £1,000
  • £1,250
  • £1,500
  • £518
  • £658
  • £758
  • £913
  • £540
  • £689
  • £818
  • £945
  • £634
  • £834
  • £993
  • £1,147

* based on average weekly expenses

** based on average weekly expenses and operating outside of IR35

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