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Peeq giant finance+ - case study

on Thu, 25/02/2021 – 07:58
giant finance+ case study

about the client

Peeq are a new recruitment agency based in Luton who work with a small handful of amazing businesses to help them solve their People Equations. From HR recruitment through to HR consultancy, Peeq partner with business leaders to achieve Peeq Performance for their People Functions. Find out  more about Peeq by visiting their website


Co-founder of Peeq Katie Barr, has been the communications director at Oasis HR for the past 9 years so reputation and innovative technology was important to her when starting her new agency.

With our full back office solution not only do we provide contract management, onboarding and payroll software, we also provide important access to cash flow via our flexible funding.

The giant finance+ model is scalable; the only change in the facility will be the numbers as Peeq grows, our facility grows with them. This is really important to any new agency as they don’t want their growth restricted by their back office partner.

a quote from Peeq

“Not only is it important to have reliable, simple to use technology but we’ve also found that the personal service provided by both the hyper-care team and my account manager has been invaluable”

Katie Barr - co-founder