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As their trusted partner APSCo invited giant finance+ to join In the Frame Midlands Business Forum event

on Thu, 16/09/2021 – 07:20
giant finance+ & apsco

A virtual event ‘In the Frame Midlands Business Forum’ was hosted by APSCo in which Rich Berrisford joined as a representative of APSCo’s trusted partner giant finance+. The event was conducted on 9th September, 2021.

The main speaker was Steve Carter who is an APSCo AdvisorLink Member and Founder of Ability People. The main discussion was around the following points:

  • methods to attract the best candidates
  • ideas to manage the professional journey of these candidates
  • ways recruiters can deal with clients when number of candidates available is low
  • the role of social media opportunities during such crisis  

"It was great to be at the latest APSCo In The Frame meeting. As ever, there was some great insight from a fantastic panel of speakers, with relevant subjects being discussed. Looking forward to the next one!”

– Rich Berrisford, Business Development Manager at giant finance+

Sessions like these allow the attendees to understand the current situation of the recruitment market and the focus on social media will help them understand how their projection can help connect them to many candidates searching for work using online mediums.

Our services at giant finance+ help you to worry less about your funding cycle when recruiting and giant screening services allow you to get your candidates screened once they are shortlisted. This helps you to be focused towards achieving your goals since we provide 100% funding as well as a full back-office solution, we would love to talk to you about how we can support you so please get in touch with us at