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benefits of an applicant tracking system

on Mon, 03/06/2019 – 11:38
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Recruiting the right candidate can be resource-heavy and time consuming making it expensive. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are becoming more and more sophisticated and an increasingly important tool in the move towards simplifying the recruitment process for both the recruiter and the candidates.

how does an ATS help the recruitment process?

For the candidate, an ATS offers a secure and convenient way to apply for jobs. Candidates complete their applications online, answer any relevant job specific assessment questions, and upload their CV.

For employers, the ATS enables recruiters to post jobs online, receive and score applications, screen candidates, progress applications, communicate with candidates, arrange interviews, and manage the offer and hiring process online.

seven key benefits to using an ATS?

  1. An ATS will save you time and money by freeing up resource previously spent on manually processing candidates.
  2. An ATS will greatly reduce the administrative element of the recruitment process.
  3. Recruiters can screen candidates and keep all documentation in one place improving the quality and control of the recruitment process.
  4. Screening questions can be added to eliminate unqualified candidates.
  5. Recruiters can select CVs based on selected keywords.
  6. A good reporting engine provides reports to show things like diversity statistics, applications at each stage of the process and the source of the application.
  7. An ATS provides companies with their own procurement site.

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