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Corus Consultancy - giant accounts case study

on Fri, 14/08/2020 – 14:22
 giant accounts case study

the client

Corus is an independently owned boutique recruitment consultancy firm, which offers unrivalled benefits to perspective work candidates and employers. They have a combined 15 years in the recruitment industry, which is reflected in the range of recruitment options they offer their clients, and the sheer speed of their recruitment and selection process.

the challenge

With previous accountants Corus often found a lot of time was wasted re-explaining themselves to different people across the business. There was an issue with staying on top of deadlines often meaning Corus ended up chasing! They needed a consistent and excellent service so they could spend their time on other priorities.

the solution

At giant accounts, we use 30 years of recruitment industry knowledge to provide a consistent contact for support which has been paramount to the relationship. We’ve provided Corus with concise working knowledge of the business which has led to time being saved where it was previously lost. Simple software, regular meetings and monthly reports provide Corus with the information the need quickly.

“At giant accounts they are always available when needed. The customer service in this respect has been excellent. Whenever we have needed to speak to a member of the team, they have always been available. No long waits or call backs! I’ve found giant accounts to be prompt and punctual. There are a lot of deadlines involved in the day to day running of a recruitment business and it is good to know that giant accounts are on top of these and aren’t afraid to chase their clients to ensures deadlines are met.” - Jay Manku, Director of Corus Consultancy