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    Get independence and freedom by being your own boss with your own limited company. 

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    Why do contractors
    choose Giant?

    Here’s what they had to say; 

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    Choosing limited

    A limited company might be your most tax-efficient option if you’re a high earner and contracting for the longer term. 

    You may be eligible to claim business expenses and, if you’re outside of IR35, you can choose to pay yourself dividends alongside your salary, which reduces your tax burden. 

    The whole point of contracting is the freedom of being your own boss, so we are here to give you the accounting and tax advice you need to get started and all the help you need going onwards and upwards. 

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    Why Giant?

    Having your own limited company comes with many benefits but it can also be difficult to stay compliant when the legislation around tax and getting paid is ever changing. 

    Choosing Giant Accounts to support you means you have guidance and support available if you should need it. We also provide an online portal so you can access your information and documents any time, any where. 

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    How it

    As the director you make all of the decisions, but we support and guide you through setting up your business, IR35 assessments, VAT returns, salary, expenses, dividends (when outside IR35), personal and company tax returns, and business growth.

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    Our speedy setup means company incorporation takes about 5 minutes and can be done over the phone! Everything else will be set up and you will be good to go within 24 hours.

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