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Mansfield Black - online timesheets case study

on Wed, 27/11/2019 – 13:22


Mansfield Black are a recruiting and consulting business based in Southbank with a proven track record of sourcing and placing the best candidates on the market. They turned to giant finance+ in March 2019 for expert back office support when they first started up. They now benefit from our online timesheet solution that has enabled their candidates and clients to enter and approve timesheets simply & efficiently.

a few words from Alastair Robb, associate director

“For me, online timesheets are a must have in terms of professionalism, speed, and accountability. It was one of the things I needed to have when I first joined giant finance+.

The responsibility is on the candidate every week to log on and enter their timesheet… both they and the client have access to previous weeks timesheets/payslips for past weeks so any queries are easily handled and they don’t even need to be in office. All my clients expect to use an online portal now as that’s what other agencies in my industry use, so without it, it would seem quite archaic.

The admin time saved from not having to enter timesheets manually every week is a no brainer, plus it removes any data entry error potential from our side as all tracked on the system and pushes responsibility away from us.

The only worry some people have is initially that an online portal seems ominous and complicated… but once they have used it once or twice its very easy, and I haven’t ever had any negative feedback from it. The old Outsauce emails used to get blocked by spam blockers, but the new giant one’s work great.”