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bill & pay systems

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Looking for software?

Benefit from our multi functional bill & pay system, our added value options and our personal customer service, with or without recruitment finance. 

Our bill & pay system is developed and managed in house which means the system stays current with free software upgrades and functionality that expands with you. We’ll also customise the system in your agency name for increased brand awareness. 


Candidate and assignment management

Onboard your candidates and set up assignments. Our contract management means you can maintain compliance and makes the candidates experience seamless.   


Our automated timesheet management has a multitude of timesheet layouts, authorisation levels, pay rate and process options, with online candidate and end client portals and a full data exchange service designed to reduce your administration.

Reduce transaction costs

Our integrated payroll solution with digital onboarding and contract management reduces transaction costs and ensures total compliance. 

Billing accuracy

With automated billing, invoices are sent instantly to your end hirers. This, along with purchase order management, can reduce payment delays or disputes. 

Our payroll

Not only do we provide a fully functional system we combine this with a personal payroll service. We produce a payroll file from the data you provide to process and pay all your PAYE workers including the calculation of tax.


We pay any limited company or umbrella of your choice; labour supply companies receive a full remittance direct by email


Candidates receive their payment weekly with payslips accessed on your agency branded portal.


We complete returns for payroll tax due to HMRC and pay the tax due on your instruction. 

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"The team of payroll experts at Giant Finance+ become an extension of the Hooray team, so they are no longer bogged down by administration and can focus on growing the business." 



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