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Contractor: CIS

Our solution is to get you paid faster, compliantly, and accurately whilst you work within the construction industry. 

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What is the
Industry Scheme?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) collects tax at source for construction work. As a self-employed individual, you pay your taxes annually via a self-assessment. When working under CIS your payments from us may have deductions, which are credited to HMRC for your future tax liabilities. The deduction amount depends on your CIS tax verification level during the work – typically this tends to be a deduction rate of 20% or 30%, but can be 0% if you have gross payment status.  

With Giant sitting in the contract chain, correct tax deductions offer reassurance, avoiding unexpected tax bills during self-assessment. 

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CIS status verified during rapid onboarding by our welcome team 

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Self-bill system eliminates your need to invoice us – we handle the admin 

Receive payment notifications via text; with your remittances in one place on your portal 

Same-day Faster Payments processing for immediate funds

A discounted self-assessment service via Giant Accounts

All-encompassing insurance includes professional indemnity, public & employers liability

Login to our online portal designed with your experience in mind and 24/7 access.

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If for any reason you do not want to be self-employed through the CIS scheme for a particular assignment or are deemed not to be, then Giant Umbrella, our straightforward PAYE solution is for you.