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Compliant payroll solutions to help make
your lives easier.

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We understand that as a recruitment agency you and your consultants will focus your time on winning and retaining business, and not on managing payroll and its associated employment and tax risks. That’s why we have put together a selection of payroll solutions to help make your lives easier! 



At giant, we offer a one of a kind, award winning umbrella employment that provides you and your candidates with complete peace of mind starting with a fast and simple onboarding process getting your candidates compliantly on assignments faster! 

Just like our PEO, professional employment solution, giant become the employer of your candidates removing the associated employment risks from your agency. And it doesn’t stop at payroll, we’ll also manage workplace pensions, holidays, statutory pay and provide £20 million in business insurances. 

As giant become the employer, you can relax knowing there is no risk to your agency or hirer. We take the time to understand employment and tax law, the criminal finances act, Off-payroll working legislation and GDPR so compliance is always guaranteed.

benefits to candidates

Your candidates will benefit from a dedicated team of experts to provide support, regardless of what they need or who they are working for. At giant, our support teams are here for your candidates every step of the way!

If you would like to read more detail about how we support your candidates with this service please click here.



At giant, our PEO solution means that you get all the benefits of our umbrella solution but with the additional benefits of more efficient processes, lower costs, often higher margin and a better experience for you and the candidates.

The Good Work Plan effective from April 2020 means that you will be required to detail in writing to workers what deductions they will suffer from their limited company rate when operating through an umbrella intermediary and provide a net pay illustration to match. With PEO, candidates are told their gross pay rate and not the limited company rate so all employment cost deductions are already accounted for and payslips are simple to understand – less frustrated candidates meaning less queries for you and a better experience all round.

Does professional employment sound like the solutionyou’ve always needed? Get in touch so one of our experts can give you more details.

If you would like to read more detail about how we support your candidates with this service please click here.

**giant advantage**

giant advantage

Honoured by the Benefits Excellence Awards, giant advantage is an extensive employee benefits programme that can save your candidates £1000’s each year. We know everyone enjoys cheaper cinema tickets and discounts at their favourite high street retailers but with giant advantage you also get something a little extra. 

More pounds in their pocket is great but we are most proud of our 24 hour employee assistance to help your candidates with both work and personal issues.

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**giant PSC**

giant PSC

At giant, we’re here to make it as easy as possible for your candidates to operate their personal service company, PSC, and to help maximise their earnings. Our solution provides the accounting support they need to remain compliant. 

We will get them set up within 24 hours as well as provide access to our smart technology to manage their PSC. Candidates also benefit from tailored advice, ongoing personal support from our team of qualified accountants.



**giant IR35 fee payer**

giant IR35 fee payer

Our solution to remove the Off-payroll working legislation risk from you when continuing to engage limited companies, is giant IR35 fee payer where we become the fee payer to the limited companies. We have over a decade of experience of sitting in the contract chain between agencies and PSCs for clients such as AMS, Cielo and more. 

PSC’s deemed inside IR35 by the hirer are required to have employers and employees national insurance, apprenticeship levy and tax deducted by the fee payer. A lot of time and resources are needed to ensure your candidates PSC contracts are correctly amended and they are paid accurately with the correct HMRC deductions. PSCs deemed outside IR35 by the hirer will be paid gross without deductions. 

That’s where giant IR35 fee payer can help. We are the fee-payer taking the HMRC risk away from you.

benefit to agencies

As the fee payer, not only are giant responsible for the financial risk associated with IR35, but we are the first line of support to your candidates throughout their contract with giant. One supplier means one invoice, one payment and one reconciliation, further reducing the amount of admin needed from you and your team.

benefit to candidates

With giant IR35 fee payer, your candidates can get on with their assignments without having to worry about compliance and HMRC responsibilities. Candidates can always access an online portal to keep track of their invoices and remittances whilst receiving prompt payments into their business bank accounts. 

A compliant, reliable payroll solution means happy candidates which means great things for your agency reputation and that’s important to us.

We know that to be able to provide you with a compliant solution, we are experts in the ever changing legislation. Visit our events calendar or join our mailing list for details on our latest breakfast seminar where we discuss hot topics.

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If you would like to read more detail about how we support your candidates with this service please click here.

**giant CIS**

giant CIS

We work closely with a number of different recruitment agencies who recruit into the construction industry so we understand the challenges associated when paying your candidates. With giant CIS we offer tailored support to you and your candidates whilst operating within the construction industry. 

how does it work?

You refer your candidate to us at giant and we will take care of the rest! All of your candidates' payments are made compliantly within the CIS scheme, they have access to weekly pay and the associated remittances will be provided all via their mobile-friendly online portal. We can also provide a self-assessment tax return service.

who is it for?

Any individuals that work within the construction sector.

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