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We build fast, efficient and compliant end to end software for recruitment agencies of all sizes from start-up to multinational. 

The software, in your branding, is highly configurable to match both yours and your clients needs, giving you added value and a platform to leverage your growth.

applicant tracking

With our applicant tracking software you can manage every stage of the recruitment process with ease. Our solution is specially designed for truly flexible talent acquisition and candidate tracking. 

what are the benefits

  • one database to store all information
  • your own, mobile enabled, branded career website
  • improved candidate engagement 
  • lower admin costs 
  • reduced time to hire 
  • 24/7 reporting

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timesheet processing

Prefer to spend your time winning business, not processing timesheets? We have developed a portal with recruiters in mind that is paperless, secure and extremely flexible, making inefficient processes a thing of the past! 

Our mobile enabled solution captures any timesheet format and provides numerous timesheet layouts, authorisation levels, pay rates and processing options to suit all users. Our portal becomes yours as we customise with your branding and gives access to you, your clients and candidates.

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We know accurate invoicing is vital, so we’ve developed a solution that gives you the accuracy and speed you need. Our automated invoice system has built in PO management, multi-currency, self-bill and consolidation options, so you can choose how to create and send invoices to match your clients needs. 

what are the benefits

Invoices can be automatically generated within 20 minutes of timesheets being authorised or at your preferred frequency - our competitors only generate invoices once payroll has been processed! Once generated, invoices can be emailed directly to your clients or they can login to their portal and view for themselves ensuring you get paid quicker and your clients have no excuses to claim non - receipt! 


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Looking for an efficient candidate payroll solution to reduce costs and drive compliance? Our globally integrated solution for your candidates is maintained in line with each country’s legislative changes ensuring the compliant management of pensions, holiday pay, taxes, statutory and limited company payments.

what’s our options

We know one size doesn’t fit all. Which is why at giant, you can choose between a system only payroll solution or a fully managed service for a small number of candidates or multi-national.



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disaster recovery

Payroll Disaster Recovery is a vital element in the running of your business. Eliminate the risks of payroll failure and workers not being paid on time. 

If you’re going through a payroll transformation or your processes simply fail, our disaster recovery solution is an absolute must. We understand the negative impact a failed payroll can have on your reputation, so we ensure your workers are paid on time.

We do what the banks can’t, which is why they recommend our services to companies nationally.