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At giant we provide specialist, end to end software and support from candidate attraction to candidate pay for recruitment agencies of all sizes. 

one giant solution

  1. applicant tracking system

  2. employee background

  3. vendor management

  4. on-boarding

  5. payroll

  6. funding

  7. billing

  8. timesheet

  9. umbrella & PEO & PSC

  10. credit control

  11. agency accounting

  12. compliance advice

IR35 Off-payroll working

From April 2020 hirers and their supply chain will have the financial and reputational risk of getting an IR35 employment status decision wrong for any contractors working through their own limited company.

To understand the issues please download our whitepaper here.

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the Good Work Plan

The Good Work Plan includes legislation stating that recruitment agencies must provide all workers with a key facts page detailing the deductions they can expect to see once paid.

To learn the other ways the Good Work Plan will impact your business, please download our whitepaper here.

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why choose giant?


You can relax knowing your data is safe with us. Our commitment to compliance protects your business from risk and our rigorous international security standard ISO 27001 ensures that your data is GDPR secure.

one giant solution

Our end to end solution really is just that. From candidate sourcing to employing and paying them, giant are uniquely positioned to support your agency.


Our watchword since we started in 1992 is compliance. Our understanding and adherence with employment and tax legislation protects your agency from risk and that’s one of our many passions.

supporting your start-up

New recruitment agency? We will provide you with funding, smart back-office technology and support services allowing you to focus on what you do best!

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supporting your growth

Looking to gain a competitive edge? We invest heavily
in our software so you have a branded, highly configurable, and secure platform to provide significant efficiencies and leverage your growth, regardless of size. 

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an introduction to screening

Are you losing candidates to a painfully long on-boarding process? All giant screening processes are designed for speed and efficiency to positively affect the time to hire — allowing you to focus on recruitment.

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risk management

Managing and understanding risk is essential. We know it’s important to you, so we become experts in industry legislation, employment and tax laws. The team at giant can advise on current and pending legislation in order for you to eliminate risk and stay compliant, as well as carry out candidate and supplier audits.

Legislation is often complex and fully understanding it and it’s implications can take significant time and resource. At giant, this is what we do and we anticipate changes that affect the industry and provide the technology you need to remain compliant. 

We offer you expert advice on the correct employment and tax classification of your candidates with adherence to the IR35, Off-payroll working and Intermediaries legislation, and of course we advise on the risks of non-compliance and whether the criminal finance act could impact you.

Our adherence to the rigorous international security standard ISO 27001 ensures we can accept responsibility for GDPR so you have no financial and reputational risk.

giant. 100% compliant.